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Office in Munich and Barcelona


Ravejob is the world’s premier job marketplace adapted to the new young generations in matter of searching for a job.

For people looking for their dream job or even for those who want to look around, our marketplace provides to job seekers a real experience of working in a company before actually working there. We publish real testimonials of employees, real pictures of the company’s installations, and a deep analysis about the company and team cultures. We offer scientific psychological tools to help people better understand their strengths and know in which type of companies and jobs they would fit the best. In addition, Ravejob offers access to professional coaching services for those people with specific needs.

Based in Munich and with main offices in Munich and in Barcelona, Ravejob’s mission is to make people happy at work by matching people with companies. We truly believe in two things: people are happy at work when they feel identified with the company where they work and companies what to have happy employees, because they would perform much better. Ravejob has been created to ensure this. Ravejob was founded in 2016 by Fernando Vilas and Aitor Castiñeiras. It is operated out of their two main offices in Munich and Barcelona.

Contact: Fernando Vilas. Email us.


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“Our mission is to make people happy at work”

Fernando Vilas

Founder & CEO, Ravejob

“Our vision is to improve the labor market and people´s quality of life”

Aitor Castiñeiras

Founder & COO, Ravejob

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